Regulatory Systems in the territories

Before a proposed major project in each of the territories can go ahead, it must go through a regulatory process that includes an environmental assessment, and then acquire required licenses, permits and authorizations.

The concerns of Indigenous peoples and other members of the public are considered through a public environmental assessment process before decisions are made on whether a major project should go ahead or not.

The regulatory systems in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon are based on unique legal and cultural frameworks resulting from land claims agreements, and devolution processes in Northwest Territories (2014) and Yukon (2003). Devolution involved the transfer of powers, including land and water management, from the federal government to the territorial governments. Nunavut is also currently working towards devolution. Discussions and negotiations are underway to transfer and devolve responsibilities and powers for land and resource management to the Government of Nunavut from the Government of Canada.

NPMO continues to provide support and work collaboratively with territorial governments to ensure that these regulatory processes are focused, efficient and transparent, and to help advance major projects in a sustainable way. All of the territorial review board processes are public and project information is placed on their Public Registries.

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