Community Profiles

This page provides links to information on northern communities in Canada's three territories maintained by a variety of territorial organizations.

CanNor is not responsible for the quality, accuracy, reliability or currency of the information contained on external websites. Information may not be available in both official languages.

Nunavut Community Profiles

The Nunavut Economic Developers Association hosts detailed community profiles on their website including each of the 25 communities in Nunavut.

Nunavut Tourism also maintains community profiles on their website.

Northwest Territories Community Profiles

The Northwest Territories Bureau of Statistics provides community profiles for all NWT communities.

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs also maintains a list of communities.

Yukon Community Profiles

Yukon Community profiles are available on-line with information about the local economy, climate, people and opportunities. Communities work together through the Association of Yukon Communities.

The Council of Yukon First Nations is a central political organization representing most of the Yukon First Nation governments. They maintain community profiles for these First Nations.

First Nation and Inuit Community Profiles

INAC maintains an interactive map of First Nation profiles across Canada.

Inuit Community Profiles: Interactive Map

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